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“Shooting in Chile with Twist was a stellar experience. From the moment your feet touch Chilean soil, you are looked after with attention and care by them, that is unparalleled. It is immediately apparent that you are in the hands of The A-team. Every member of the production team – from Line Producer, to Director of Photography to Executive Producer – is clearly at the top of their game. There is an irreplaceable cohesiveness because it is a well-oiled team that has worked together for years.
They seem to communicate telepathically. There is an enthusiastic and collaborative spirit that is the hallmark of the crew.
And lastly: the price. A shoot that would have been simply impossible on home turf became an exquisite celluloid reality”. Ryan, send me some sunshine and some Pisco pleeeaaasssseeeee?
Karen Howe, Vice President – Creative Director/ Due North Communications,Canada
“Never have I had such an wonderful experience while on the road. Sleep is usually at a premium on such jobs but I slept very well on this project. I wish to thank you once again for assembling such an amazing team for the Pfizer project. Everyone on the Production team was fantastic and helped make this 5 day project an overwhelming success.
The Client, Agency and Phil were a happy bunch. Your team rivals and/or exceeds my attention to details (you may have noticed that I am a bit of a detail freak) I look forward to my return and a few more Pisco Sours (I only had 1)”
Trudy Turner,Line Producer / Industry Films, Canada.
Wanted to thank you for running such a tight ship down there for our Dove shoot. I had a fantastic experience working with you and your team- some true rockstars. I know our schedule was ambitious but it always felt like everything was perfectly managed and under control. The locations were unbelievable and everyone walked away happy.
Drew Lightfoot, Director / Soft Citizen.
I loved shooting in chile, the crew were absolutely awesome. what i really liked about the crew, was that each dept. helped each other out. how rare. the electrics, grips, wardrobe ( they were exceptional) and the Art Director ( whom I love) were all amazing and went above and beyond.
Steve Gordon, Director / Sons & Daughters.
“You have earned our business and I plan to return”
Derek Sewell, Executive Producer, Blink Pictures Toronto.
“It was a joy and pleasure working with Twist Films in Chile. The project as always was challenging financially and creatively and the whole team rose to the challenge.”
Sallyann Houghton / Leo Burnett, London.
“Our experience in Chile with TWIST FILMS was an unforgettable one. Smooth production in a magic country with a crew that made miracles happen. I can only look forward to working with TWIST again.”
Emma Starzacher / Mother, London.
“In really very hard circumstances, with a large mix of people from different places it all came together fantastically.”
Giles Lovell-Wilson, Executive Producer / One Small Step, London.
“Working with TWIST was a fantastic experience!. They really make you feel part of their ‘family’. Their endless pursuit to solve any of your production problems was amazing, and always with a positive attitude.”
Steven Tsushida Director on Pimms / The Factory, USA.
“In really very hard circumstances, with a large mix of people from different places it all came together fantastically.”
Giles Lovell-Wilson, Executive Producer / One Small Step, London.

“Twist’s overall approach to the process of production was superb.”
Dan Ford, Executive Producer / Steam Films Toronto.
“The experience on Aerogold was amazing. The entire crew was top notch. Was easily one of the best crews i’ve ever worked with”.
Mark Ziebert, Director CIBC/ & Vector
“I thought the crew was terrific, probably Santiago’s finest and equal to any where in the world that I have experienced. I was very happy. All around, it couldn’t have been a better experience.”
Russell Boyd, Director of Photography on Smuckers.
“I don’t have enough good things to say about our shoot in Chile and the guys at TWIST FILMS!. Our experience with the crew was fantastic…we had great keys, great art dept and wardrobe.”
Melanie Palmer / Leo Burnett, Toronto.
“The production went smoothly and efficiently. Everyone was amazing. Thank you for a fantastic shoot, I look forward to the next opportunity to shoot with Twist Films.”
Ryan Wagner, Executive Producer / Steam Films Toronto.
We created TWIST with the idea of efficiently linking the talents of both coasts on the South Cone (Atlantic to Pacific, by professional and creative affiliations like those that connect Los Angeles with New York) and so- in the long run- raising the standard of production in both countries.
In the nearer term, TWIST was born of our clients need -which we see as much in Latin America as in Europe and the US and Canada- to be able to count on a trusted and secure alternative for budgeting, planning, shooting, and completion of their projects.
- At Twist Films we bring together a wealth of international and domestic experience dedicated to the production of commercials.
- Our professionals in the cinematography industry are of the first level.
- The team at Twist is entirely bilingual, with vast experience in production services.
- We have experience working in the USA (New York / Los Angeles), UK (London), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and elsewhere. We have offered production services to companies from these countries as well as Canada.
- The clients for which we have done campaigns are among the most demanding in the world. Getting results is part of our ethics and we are proud to maintain the time limits and quality standards of American, Asian and European markets.
- Most of the staff at Twist speak excellent English among other languages and we are a cohesive group that enjoys tackling new and challenging projects.
- When it comes to producing quality advertising, the word ‘no’ is seldom an answer at Twist.
- In Chile you can film just about anything at a fraction of the cost you’re used to in older industrialized countries including the travel.
- Chile is the most secure country in Latin America to do business, and this includes your own personal security.
- Add to that a diverse and enriching experience for the visiting team, the combination all the more attractive.
- Our commitment is a happy end to every project, and we like to see our friends again.
- You cannot leave Chile without a good finished film, without sampling the large worldwide-known variety of shellfish, our other exquisite food and our famous wines.